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Best Travel Mug for Cars to Buy in the UK


Hey, guys welcome to 11 cups I think in this episode I finally found the perfect travel thermos alright so I have been on the hunt to find the perfect container to help me enjoy my beverage on the go when I say on the go I really mean that when I am on road trips or when I am driving over the past several years I have tried couple different options.


Obviously, there is I have tried the Sophie & Jasmine London travel mug from the UK. I have tried the key cups this is actually something that was highly recommended by a lot of members the friends and you know this is actually a quite pleasant um cup to use but finally, I think I found the perfect choice for what I had in mind which was actually the fallow cutter move mug now before I get to the move mug let me just share with you my experience with these two products.


First of all, I think a lot of us are familiar with Sophie & Jasmine London which is one of the top thermos travel manufacturers from the UK. My family love using this and to be honest with you if you are having tea this is actually a very good mug or thermos if you will for having tea because it holds the beverage hot for up to 24 hours and they are definitely not exaggerating whenever I am brewing beverage hot beverage into this canister.


I usually have to leave the lid open for an hour or so before I you know finally close it because it's boiling hot however one thing I didn't like about consuming coffee or latte or any kind of milk beverage through this is the smaller opening on the spout for tea it's okay if it flows out it's fine you can consume it however coffee I don't know it's a little bit awkward drinking in tiny sips so while this is a very good thermos if your purpose is to keep the beverage hot as long as possible it was not really the right choice for me as far as coffee is concerned secondly this thermos is actually very narrow. Their amazing technology of thermal mug is very advanced


When I leave them in the car cup holder it wobbles a lot and because of the height you know it gets knocked around very easily and you know I end up getting some things on the mug and overall I don't know it just doesn't feel as secure in the cup holder and next I got the keep cup comes at a high recommendation from some of my coffee friends the keep cup will allow you to drink the beverage with the lid open this actually prefer a way to enjoy your latte.


Just so you can incorporate as much coffee and milk as possible in that one sip or gulp as well as you know enjoy with the lid closed through this little spout if you want to just have some coffee now the biggest issue with the keep cup is that they don't make an option that actually fits in the cupholder as you can see it's quite large and again this kind of prevented me from enjoying my beverage if I am driving so this is really just good if I am just out and about walking around or if I am you know taking my morning stroll or whatever quick note.


My impression of the keep cup came from my previous car that had a smaller cup holder in my current vehicle it just fits so your experience might vary so finally this year during Christmas as I mentioned in the previous article while they had to sell I came across the fellow carter everywhere mug as well as the carter move mug my colleague actually have the everywhere mug and he told me that that mug also does not fit in our cup holder so fallow came up with the carter move mug with the cup holder in mind as this will fit in your most typical car cup holders so the name is a little bit confusing.


If you're just going off the website obviously you would think everywhere means that it could fit everywhere but it actually doesn't the move is the one that you want if you are like me who wants something that actually fits in the cupholder the biggest difference besides just the size of it is that the move comes with a little stopper that will fit inside the mug so the purpose of this is that you can actually drive with the lid completely off and just leave this in a cup holder and you can pick it up and take a sip and fallout does guarantee that there will be no spills coming out of this mug.


During the last road trip that I took, I can actually assure you that no coffee is built out of this mug and it's actually quite convenient although a bit nerve-wracking to just leave the lid off and just kind of set it in the cup holder and just pick it up to take a sip whatever you want okay so another great design choice I decided to go with is the thinner mouth around the rim of the mug I never really thought about this I never thought that at dinner mouth would be important and yet they did list it as one of the features and actually do find this thinner mouth design to be easier to drink out of than some of the other options.


Lastly, this actually does keep the beverage warm for a very long time as well obviously if you have the lid off for a long period of time the beverage is going to get cooled a lot faster, however, I actually tested this when I was travelling this time we made coffee around 10 a.m in the morning and we left it in the car with the lift closed and about 14 degrees Fahrenheit by the time we got back to the car around I would say 5 pm the beverage was still very very hot however if you compare this to let's say the Sophie & Jasmine London it definitely did lose some of its temperatures but I think it was very impressive that it still held its temperature for that long the other thing that I must mention is that the mug itself is ceramic coated on the inside.


So you don't have to worry about staining and I think it really helps with the residual flavour from your previous beverage all right so this mug actually comes in three sizes the 8 ounces the 12 oz you'll see here as well as a 16-ounce version again just get the one that's right for you and it also comes with several different colours s these two is the holiday edition that they had I think they're called the cardinal red and a cargo green yeah the cargo green London green and cardinal red but if you don't like these two colour s, of course, there's your you know regular black white and grey two minor things that I did notice with this mug is that I actually got this orange one with the intention of gifting it away.


When they shipped it to me I noticed that these mugs do not ship in a box it's just shipped in a bubble wrap so when this arrived it actually came dented so I decided to keep it for my own personal use and after using it for the first time I washed it the second day I woke up noticing that all of the metal pieces including on the lid as well as in the splash guard are all stained and you know I can't really remove these things I don't know if bleach powder might be able to remove it but I don't think it affects it functionally speaking so I am just going to leave it alone but just to let you guys know it appears to sting quite easily.


Just to clarify the stained part is just the middle part the ceramic coating on the inner was not stained at all, okay so it's just something to keep in mind so regarding the dent that was on the original mug I reached out to fellow and they very graciously sent me a second one freedom of charge as a replacement now the reason why I got the 16 and in green instead of just original 12 in in in the red is that during the holiday season.


They were very very backed up so I was not able to get this in time for Christmas and also the 12-ounce size, as well as the colour that I wanted, was completely out so they just asked me to choose any other colour move mug of my preference and they will send it to me you know I end up going for the 16 and in green so I just want to take a quick moment and shout out to fellow thank you guys for accommodating me on this issue and if customer service is a deciding factor for when you guys are making a purchase at home I think you'll be happy with fellow.


So all in all I think if you guys are looking for a perfect travel thermos that will fit in your typical car cup holder the colour move mug is an excellent choice it comes in several colours as well as sizes of your preference and I think it's very pleasant to use anyways I hope this video helped you narrow down your purchasing decisions and if you decide to purchase this mug I think you will enjoy it as much as I do again if you are new to our channel or have not subscribed yet please hit the subscribe button like and share this video with anyone who might find this to be helpful feel free to leave some comments down below in the comment section and I'll see you in the next article.


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